6 Prong Paw

August 31, 2014
Recording the new disc has been going great. Make sure you check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel to check out all the video blogs we have been doing for it at www.youtube.com/sixthprong1 We will be cutting a new video in a couple of months for it also. The official title for the disc will be “Mapping the Void”. If there are any artists that think they have some great art work that would fit our title email us at sixthprong@yahoo.com


July 1, 2014
August 1st 2014 we will begin the process of recording drums for the new EP which is scheduled to be release in January 2015. August 18-25th we will headed down to Tennessee to record guitars and bass with Wayne Tourville. Here is a preview of the first single “the 1%”.


April. 2, 2014
We are proud to announce we are taking on an endorsement from detroit based apparel company InkAddict! We would like to thank them for adding us on to the team and look forward to many years of cross promotion.


Mar. 26, 2014
Check out Nick’s interview with Pop Vulture Magazines.


Feb. 20, 2014
WE NEED YOU TO VOTE! we are currently in a online battle to win a slot at Rock on the Range one of the biggest festivals in the mid-west. Click the pic below to vote. You can vote as much as you want or as often as you can. Every vote counts. thanks x6 crew!


Feb. 17, 2014
It has been decided that the band will be putting together a 30 min concept EP this summer with Twisted Hillbilly Records and Wayne Tourville. Recording will be done a bit different this time. Instead of multitrack recording. They will be recording it all at one time, in the same room, together. The concept for it is not being released at this time. Recording will start this summer for a January 2015 release.



Jan. 20, 2014
Dustin calls into The Tiny and Plankman show to thank them and gets called “Justin” It’s very funny a must listen to. He calls in about 15 min. into the show.



Jan. 10, 2014
665350_428839710496759_334317393_o We would like to welcome Avereign guitarist, Seth Earl to the band. He is a very talented and energetic guy. We all look forward to playing shows and doing some writing with him for years to come. Also, if you missed last nights interview with Nick and Dustin on Detroits Hard Edge Radio Show , here it is below.


Jan. 9, 2014


click this link to listen tonight to Hard Edge Radio out of Detroit. Nick and Dustin will be doing a interview. Also on the show will be Chris Howorth from In This Moment






Jan. 4, 2014


Check out roady Steve’s new tattoo. Your next!




Jan. 2, 2014
Jake Scott informed us today he will NOT be fullfilling his show obligations for the band and you the fans, over the next couple months. We know some of you were looking forward to seeing him play his last couple shows with us and we were looking forward to it as well. Sorry if some of you are disappointed. None of us seen this coming. He has severed all ties with us. We have 5 guitarist lined up to try out this weekend. We will come back better then ever. This is not something that will bring us down.

Dec. 31, 2013
It has been decided that Jake Scott will officially be leaving the band as of January 1 2014. No details are being released as to the reason for his departure at this time. Jake started in the band in Oct. 2012 just before the band released “Auditive Levitation”. When he entered the band he had never played a live show before in his life and a week into his entry was thrown into the “Cold Repetition” video shoot. Jake has proven himself to be a great energetic force in the band and will be missed. He will be full filling his show obligations for January and February of 2014. The band has a few prospects in the works for his replacement. If anyone is interested in trying out email Nick Williams at sixthprong@yahoo.com

Dec. 28, 2013
Dustin and Nick will be doing a interview with Howie on Hard Edge Radio at Tapdetroit.com on January 9th between 9 and 10 pm

Dec. 26, 2013
Check out the unplugged version of “Cold Repetition”. This was shot over summer on the Tiny and Plankman Show at Tapdetroit.com by Andy Tobias of Rebel Yell Media. We will be performing at their 2nd year anniversery celebration in Riverview MI. at Rocky’s pub. Come check it out.