6 Prong Paw has been cruising the Metal Music Scene for a long time now. Starting the band as kids, singer/guitarist Nick Williams and guitarist Dustin Cook have solidified the bands line up with Josh Moore on drums, Seth Earl on lead guitar and Chad Rabideau on bass and back ups.
The band has 4 releases. Two of them recorded in Knoxville TN with world renouned sound tech Wayne Tourville who has
worked with such acts as Metallica and the Foo Fighters. The other two with Jason Suecof in Sanford FL. Jason’s credits
include Devil Driver,Trivium,Battlecross,Whitechapel and
countless others. A competitive spirit brought 6pp to many Michigan area battle of the band competitions. They took the crown once, in the HEAVY-WEIGHT Battle of the Bands in Grand Rapids MI. 6pp have spawned 6 “official” music videos done on there own. Recently columnist Mike McPadden mentioned the band as “Local Heroes” from Detroit right next to Alice Cooper, Black Dahlia Murder and The Stooges. Rock Revolt Magazine said,“Nick Williams vocals are rock solid & pair nicely with the foundation laid down by Moore and Rabideau. You’ll be hearing more from them forsure.” Recoil magazine voted them #3 in bands to watch for in 2015. Stu Lickers Music Review said,“This is the first time I have sat down and listened to an album front to back from a Michigan band in one sitting and I would do it again in a heartbeat!” Rage and Frustration says the band is most comparable to System of Down. “Both are highly political bands from a base of modern metal with a variety of other influences worked in. The sound is actually quite hard to define. They are innovators in the genre. Its refreshing to see a metal band take such a straightforward approach to the issues in society.” During the summer of 2015 6 Prong Paw completed their first tour titled “Tour for the Masses”. In February 2016 the band worked with Producer Matt Dalton of Metro 37 Studio’s in Detroit, MI. The band decided they would wait to release these songs until they could find a label to back them and possibly fund 3 more songs to recorded with Dalton for a release in 2017 followed up with a tour in the spring. 6 Prong Paw just finished a July 2016 summer US tour entitled “DAMNEDocracy DEvils and Dives Tour”. This was a completely self funded, 20 date tour that took them all across the U.S. They did the tour in 23 days and it took them 8 months to book it via networking. Despite the lack of AC in the van, the tour went very well with no major issues. 6 Prong Paw projects a confidently eclectic, tattooed, hair swinging, energetic live show. “We plan on spreading our own blend of Industrial Doom Thrash Metal to the masses, catering to crowd interactions; with a charisma that cannot be taught, only learned from lots of live stage experience under our belts”.