quoted 6pp as being one of Detroits “Local Hereos”.

“Local Heroes: Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Black Dahlia Murder, Halloween, Bury the Silence, Grand Funk Railroad, Seduce, The Stooges, The MC5, Chugger, Frijid Pink, Caligari, Cactus, Brownsville Station, Repulsion, Heresy, John 5, Kill Tomorrow, A Study in Scarlet, Splice Inception, Suburban Bloodshed, As Empires Decay, Dead Against, 6 Prong Paw, Bury the Silence, Battlecross

The Motor City has been an infernal metal foundry since the late 1960s, when giants strode up on the order of Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, the Stooges, the MC5, and Grand Funk Railroad. Detroit’s inherent metalocity has roared ever since. Legendary venue Blondie’s dominated for decades, with Harpo’s presently bringing the noise is full face-smashing Michigan fashion.”
-Mike McPadden

Producer Matt Dalton 
(recorded the bands 2017 CD which is not yet released)
“Everyone’s got their own take on being a heavy band. Six Prong Paw is very interesting and takes things to kind of a psychopathic level, their music is very frantic and fast but at the same time very melodic and disturbing in some ways, I really get into them a lot.”
-interview with Lauren Garchar of MotorCity Metal

Rage and Frustration

“6 Prong Paw is most comparable to System of Down. Both are highly political bands from a base of modern metal with a variety of other influences worked in. With that said, they don’t actually sound like System of a Down. The sound is actually quite hard to define. Generally speaking, this is a good thing. They are innovators in the genre.”
—Hayduke X



Recoil Magazine voted 6 Prong Paw as #3 band to look for in 2015
Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.12.35 PM


Rock Revolt Magazine

“Don’t mistake them for gimmicky. The Michigan quintet is totally serious and the songs I reviewed had some fantastic heavy guitar work. Nick Williams vocals are rock solid & pair nicely with the foundation laid down by Moore (drums) and Rabideau (bass). You’ll be hearing more from them forsure.”
– Chris Williams, Rock Revolt Magazine



Rock U Review

“6 PRONG PAW” have finally defined their sound outside of the Michigan-area from where they were born. In 2006, they won “The Heavyweight Championship” BOTB (sponsored by 107.7 WKLQ) – & signed a deal with “Twisted Hillbilly Records” in 2010. Now, all that’s left to do for the eager fivesome is to release their FIRST full-scale CD…entitled “Auditive Levitation”…& rid the world of conformist musical notions! Their genre-bending effects combine hardcore metal, progressive rhythms, & southern-injected vocals that introduce “spontaneity” with a lot of GRITTY charm. “COLD REPETITION” – the first single off the upcoming CD, in which the band has just finished filming a new video for, hits our site player with “6 PRONG PAW” as our #1 FEATURE ARTIST!!!! Fans will be able to download the song (via iTunes) on October 25th, with the official “Auditive Levitation” album drop happening in JANUARY (2013). The band plans on touring, with “BIG FESTIVAL” announcements coming, during the summer.
– Rock U Review



Recoil Magazine

“6 Prong Paw has been clawing their way to their first full-length for a long, long time. The veteran metal band began in Hastings back in 1998, and has remained a big part of the West Michigan rock scene, even as their lineup has changed around founding members Nick Williams (vocals) and Dustin Cook (guitar). Now made up of Williams, Cook, bassist/backing vocalist Chad Rabideau, drummer Josh Moore, and guitarist Jake Scott, they will release the fourteen-song album, Auditive Levitation, Jan. 19 at Planet Rock in Battle Creek. The album follows their two EPs, 2003’s self-titled disc, and 2005’s “Victim of Mainstream America.””
– Eric Mitts, Recoil



Mosh Pit Nation

“With a gritty, dirty, pulse-pounding sound, 6 Prong Paw goes against the grain with a kick-ass balance of heavy and clean. A low end that will leave you with a percussion concussion, pounds under some speed on the front end that will your head spin. Nick’s vocals are reminiscent of a black tooth grin… clean but oh so aggressive. Like their name… a 6-prong paw is a dog’s foot without the prong claw removed… there wouldn’t have been so much damage if it weren’t for 6 Prong Paw. From: Hastings.MI ”
– Jen, Mosh Pit Nation



Stulickers Music Review

“This is the first time I have sat down and listened to an album front to back from a Michigan band in one sitting and I would do it again in a heartbeat! The sky is the limit for this band and I can’t wait to sit down with them and get a real in depth interview and their own thoughts on their hard work put into “Auditive Levitation.””
– Oz Stulicker, Stulicker Music Review



Michigan Metal Association

“Alright Slackers! Its time for yet another LoNgHaIr CD/album review! This week’s installment features 6 Prong Paws 2013 release “Auditive Levitation” 6 Prong Paw touts a great mixture of both Dirty and Clean and it really shines through on this disc! Tracks like “Cold Repetition” and “Question?” Have already garnished much praise in the Michigan metal community and rightfully so! One of my favorite “Karmatic Delicacy” gives a middle eastern vibe and shows just how versatile this band actually is. This disc is recorded quite nicely and stands up to any major nationals releases,Nick Williams voice is amazing as is his Lyrical writings,Jake Scott and Dustin Cook make a tremendous tandem on guitars and Chad Rabideau supplys some serious low end! Josh Moore is among the elite drummers in the Michigan area hands down! Having seen 6 Prong paw several times I’d really encourage you to see them live! Its a high energy show not to be missed!”
– John Monroe, Michigan Metal Association



Twisted Hillbilly Magazine

“6 Prong Paw is the latest member of the Twisted Hillbilly Records Family. The Michigan based group is a phenomenally complex Metal Band that will blow you away. Having toured all over Michigan with several National acts, 6 Prong Paw is set to enter the studio this fall to record their 1st full length album. I can promise you it you have not heard them you will be happily surprised to hear a fresh take on an old genre! Horns Moe.”
– Moe Hillbilly, Twisted Hillbilly Magazine


Hometown Radio station WGRD Features 6 Prong Paw on there Web Page.
You Can read about the band at this link.