The Levitation Sessions


Auditive Levitation” is our first full length cd and is the follow up to 2005’s EP “Victim of Mainstream America”. Unlike “Victim” which was recorded by Jason Suecof who’s credits include Trivium’s “Ascendancy”, Devil Drivers “The Last Kind Words” and many more. This album was to be recorded with Wayne Tourville and our newly signed to, Knoxville Tennessee indie label, Twisted Hillbilly Records. At first I was like “Wayne Tourville? Who the hell is that?” What does this guy know?” So I turned to Google to see what I could conjure up. Couldn’t find much. He was involved with a Jenna Tortures CD and helped record some of Twisted Hillbilly’s former bands. And I wasn’t really impressed with the recordings at all. I was scared and wondered what I had gotten our band into. But soon I realized that credits couldn’t trump dedication and heart.

1463141_10151811482859472_957439497_nNow “Victim”, which included 6 songs, was recorded for $5000 in two weeks. We recorded the drums at Morris Sound Studios in Tampa Florida with like 27 mic’s. Suecof taught me about click tracks, panning, harmonies, and a whole rage of things which I had no clue about. He had also helped us to record a earlier EP in 2003 and I was really happy with both recordings. I knew this time around I was going to have to take all that knowledge and apply it to the Levitation Sessions. I knew there wouldn’t be any big studios or well credited people involved, and I would have to try and feel out this Tourville cat to see what he knew. See I have a hard time trusting anybody. Especially when it comes to recording. We spent much of 2000-2001, a whole year and a lot of my personal funds to record 10 songs in Lansing MI. I scraped it all after hearing the final mixes. I didn’t feel the quality was there. I actually have all those sessions shelved and might fuck with them someday. Now we just signed with this small indie label out of state, I barely knew these people and I wanted to make sure we had complete control over everything. I even had the contract revised to state that we had a say in the engineering process cause by now I knew my way around a studio. Plus in between these 2 albums I had invested in a little studio of my own, so I was getting to know certain techniques quit well that I had learned. I wasn’t sure how involved Tourville would be! Was he doing it for some easy cash flow or would he take this project on like his own and really commit himself to our concepts and ideas.

Two weeks after we signed the 3 yr. deal with Twisted Hillbilly, Tourville called me. He was super stoked about the project and really liked what I had already been recording at home and the quality of the drums. I was surprised! We talked for a while. I was really honest with him about some of the stuff I had heard from him in the past and about how scared I was with the process this time around. He reassured me that good song writing, a good attitude and great musician ship has a lot to do with the over all out come of a recording. Its not just the equipment, engineer or producer. Its a love and feeling for music that people connect with. Its not a sound or quality of that sound or a certain riff or note. He said not everyone has that marriage with music to be able to translate a connection to the people. He felt we had that and we had a good jump into something unique. He said if you got good songs, it’s easy to record. He also said that this was going to be the only project he would be involved with and he wanted to dedicate himself to this. He continued to talk about some of the stuff he was going to be trying and techniques that he had learned over the years. Honestly a lot of the stuff he talked about I didn’t know anything about, and I knew I could learn from him. I was really impressed with our conversation but I still wasn’t sure if he was blowing smoke up my ass. Only time would tell. At least for now I was partially at ease. He thought I should go back through all 16 songs and do the drums for real. When we were ready, we could bring those tracks to the Twisted Hillbilly studio in Tennessee and lay some guitars and bass down with him.

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If you would like to listen to samples of “Auditive Levitation” click this link to continue your auditory levitaion!

-Nick Williams
singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer